The Life Of A Project

The many shapes and sizes of projects scare people away from holistic training. Well not here, we embrace your project in all its obscurities.

Here we have worked Agile. We have worked waterfall. We have worked Prince2. We have worked something close to Six Sigma but no one was sure what belt they were. Nothing frightens Playground Practice because we’ve dealt with it and it’s fundamentally all the same. Something goes wrong, someone is to blame. If you’re a user it’s the system. If you’re the Project Team it’s the SMEs, if you’re on the Board it’s anyone in the way of the Time, Cost, Quality holy grail.

Ultimately, we know it’s about communication, fear, anxiety and a roundhouse of human emotions that we pretend aren’t influencing our decisions.

How we implement play in your projects is by looking at both the human element and the process element. It is possible to derive joy from eliciting requirements. It is possible to test a process using legacy users on a new system and leave them empowered. It can be achieved by breaking down barriers, understanding the psychology behind groups and offering you realistic ways of being playful and more productive on your projects.

Wouldn’t you love to meet your deadlines, come at budget, deliver what was promised AND have everyone happy at the end? Ultimately, it’s how people feel that influences how your project’s ‘success’ was perceived.

Please visit the Evenbrite page in order to view the next Playground Practice: Projects edition. Like all our training, if you require an in-house or bespoke session for your team, contact us on the Contact Us (see what we did there?) page and we will endeavour to organise something to suit your needs.

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