Just Business As Usual

Playground Practice has three strands currently and let’s understand a bit more about how we can get Play into our everyday work lives.

You don’t have to be the CEO. I repeat, you don’t have to be the CEO. Real play and leadership can be a grassroots effort from any member of any department.

Play is psychologically beneficial for us as we develop from tiny humans to big humans and suddenly the world around us becomes stoic and play is removed. We have standardised tests and waste our adolescence worrying about our middle age. All the while, play is seen as a frivolity; leisurely; not for ‘work’.

Fret no more, armed with the steps of Systems Thinking, the structure of LEAN, the psychology of group dynamics and much more, we will show you how to reduce toxicity, share more knowledge and enhance the playful atmosphere of your workplace.

The eventbrite page shows the next Playground Practice: Business Isn’t Usual in your area though this course can be altered and delivered to entire teams and organisations upon request.

Go forth and play, I double dare you.

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