Playground Practice’s Georgiana has worked with multiple clients in coaching over the past 8 years.

Individual Coaching

This is a focused session for 50 minutes, one to one. I help you to understand which areas you feel you need coaching in and we work on them together. It’s really a facilitated conversation where I will ask questions, probe and challenge in order for you to figure out your own path. This is incredibly successful in understanding where you should focus your energies and we develop a path for you to achieve it. We will set goals for you and both keep a record and assess each one at every session. There is no wrong or right, I am just there to help you. Of course, it’s always fun, relaxed and has a little Playground magic to help you achieve.

Team Coaching

The sport of teams! For a department team, a project team or a virtual team, I will spend one or two days dedicated to your business.

Each team member gets 40 minutes to work with me on subjects that could be concerns in their project, a vent about an issue that we talk through or the individualised coaching above. The contents of the session are kept confidential, however! If a common theme is coming across such as a toxicity or apathy due to a particular identified cause, I will raise it with the manager who brought me in so they are aware and can address it. It will remain confidential but it’s so important to keep a team working as a unit that it is my only exception.


(All 2018 places are filled)

I dedicate pro-bono time to 2-3 individuals each year who are building their career or starting from scratch.

For brand new businesses, especially with young people, I focus on Business 101 whilst maintaining identity. We create a pathway to success from scratch.

For established individuals I look at how to bring them up a level, the goal being exceptional in their field and in their life.

The individuals chosen each year are selected from those who have a disability, identify as female, identify as LGBTQI+ or those from ethnic/minority groups.