European Business Analysis Conference 2015

Playground Practice: Games and Play for the Effective BA, workshop

Feedback from participants

  • Immense fun and a great insight into alternative approaches
  • Excellent – will definitely try this at work
  • Really interesting perspective with good hands-on bits.  Very engaging and fun session. Would have been great to get even more ideas for games that we can apply in different contexts
  • Excellent – will definitely try this at work
  • Very good session made play natural
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this session.  Covered a lot of content but in a playful/enjoyable way
  • Great, practical session
  • Best session of the event.  Engaging, fun with practical applications
  • A brilliant, exciting and informative workshop.  Lots of tools and ideas to take away
  • Fantastic interactive session – provided lots of thought-provoking techniques
  • Interactive workshop full of examples and comments.  Something worth to sharing with my team
  • Really interesting and different approach
  • This was the perfect workshop!   Engaging, dynamic, useful and most importantly, Fun! Georgiana has a natural ability to get people to get the best out of each other, communicating some complicated concepts and techniques effortlessly and the sense of reward of doing a project in 3-4 hours was immense.  (We were all taking photos of our work!).  Little touches like toys, colouring books at our table were brill and all that Lego!! Amazing!! I won’t forget this workshop and can’t wait to try it with my colleagues
  • Wow! What can I say? This was an adventure and a fantastically fun session.  George was a brilliant presenter with unbounded enthusiasm.  I am motivated to build an unconventional toolkit and experiment.  Thanks
  • Hands-on with tangible takeaways (tools and techniques}
  • Good overview of fun techniques as there’s always one that will work for you
  • Excellent
  • Very good – can see why you came so highly recommended!
  • Smiley.  Well-prepared and skilled presenter – every group had their time for interactions and to present their solutions
  • Fun, fun, fun! I didn’t think meetings/workshops could be fun.  Georgiana has left me with some brilliant ideas
  • Engaging and inspiring
  • Georgiana is refreshing and very engaging
  • Excellent facilitator
  • Great presentation style and interactive session
  • Very enthusiastic and engaging speaker
  • Bright, bubbly, interesting speaker with tons to give